Welcome. Are you a true fan of all things Martial Arts, including Martial Art Movies? Can you enjoy watching an old Chinese Kung Fu movie with the sound out of sink with the the characters just as much as the latest Kick Butt action movie of today?  Is that a big Hey Yell Yes!? Then [...]

Martial Arts Self Defense : Martial Arts Self-Defense Training Equipment

An array of martial arts training equipment and their uses. Learn self-defense with martial arts in this free video. Expert: Jason Jeannette Bio: Mr. Jeannette is a Third Degree Black Belt and has practiced Martial Arts for over 15 years. He is the owner and chief instructor at the Bellevue Location. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge Duration [...]

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DRAGON YONG-IN MARTIAL ARTS….Taekwondo- Girls Sparring

Chloe Bruce is a talented young martial arts woman. Here she skillfully demonstrates her famous scorpion kick. Chloe puts on many shows and proves that martial arts action is not just for the boys. 2009 D.Y.M.A. Tournament in Sterling,VA …..GIRLS- BLACK BELT SPARRING Duration : 0:2:40 Technorati Tags: belt, black, yong-in, dragon, Sparring, arts, martial, [...]

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