2 The Best of Martial Arts FilmsThis is a video-collage taken from a 1990 Hong-Kong documentary intro about Martial Arts.
It includes kung-fu masters like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Cinthya Rothrock, Yuen Biao, Keith Cooke, Benny Urquidez and many more…
My contribution here is the new audio-track I synchronised to the video – the song is a Remix from the Cranberries’ “Zombie”.
I think it underlines the dynamic action moves and the fun we as spectators have watching them – in a more effecitve way icon smile The Best of Martial Arts Films
Enjoy it and tell me how you like it.

for that this clip has become very popular and many specific questions were asked, I want to complete the information I have according the titles in this intro:

(0:00-0:11) “Fist of Fury” (1972, Bruce Lee)
(0:12-0:19) “Millionaire’s Express (1986)
(0:20-0:24) “No treat, No Surrender” (1986, Jean-Claude Van Damme)
(0:25-0:27) “China O’Brien” (1990, Keith Cooke)
(0:28-0:38) “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars” (1985, Sammo Hung)
(0:39-0:49) “Millionaire’s Express” (1986, Yuen Biao)
(0:50-0:57) “Armour of God” (1987, Jackie Chan)
(0:57-1:13) “Duel to the Death” (1983, Norman Chu vs. Demian Lau)
(1:14-1:23) “Righting Wrongs” (1986, Cinthya Rothrock)
(1:24-1:28) “Eastern Condors” (1986)
(1:29-1:40) “China O`Brien 2″ (1990, Keith Cooke)
(1:41-1:46) “Enter the Dragon” (1973, Bruce Lee)
(1:47-1:51) “Duel to the Death” (1983, Norman Chu vs. Demian Lau)
(1:52-2:11) “Dragons Forever” (1988, Jackie Chan vs. Benny Urquidez)
(2:12-2:27) “Young Master” (1980)
(2:28-2:33) “Dragons Forever” (1988, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung)
(2:34-2:38) “China O`Brien” (1990, Keith Cooke)
(2:39-2:47) “My lucky Stars” (1985, Sibelle Hu vs. Michiko Nishiwaki)
(2:48-2:52) “China O’Brien (1990, Cinthya Rothrock)
(2:53-2:55) “My lucky Stars” (1985, Sammo Hung vs. Richard Norton)
(2:56-2:59) “China O`Brien” (1990, Keith Cooke)
(3:00-3:08) “Rithing Wrongs” (1986, Yuen Biao vs. Peter Cunningham)
(3:09-3:15) “Fist of Fury” (1972, Bruce Lee)
(3:16-3:31) “Project A” (1983, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao)

Duration : 0:3:31

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25 Responses to “The Best of Martial Arts Films”

  1. GamingAiders says:

    @Shallahmoodah the …
    @Shallahmoodah the video is a video if this man likes techno rave trance he can it is his video production and his publishing and it a montage not A clip so please leave him alone and enjoy the video in SILENCE =] merry christmas

  2. Shallahmoodah says:

    Could who ever is …
    Could who ever is posting videos with music to stop playing techno music shit. It ruins the video. Martial arts is much appreciated with respect. Use it’s original sound for the video. This is not a rave club martial arts. Thank you.

  3. darckmetal66 says:

    i love martial arts …
    i love martial arts movies!! bruce lee and jackie chan are the bests!!!

  4. dennisrules94 says:

    lol punch at 0 …
    lol punch at 0:37

  5. Krystiano1992 says:

    @TataBrada80 POLSKI …
    @TataBrada80 POLSKI TYTUŁ pięści węża

  6. letshavewhat1111 says:

    0:33 I name that …
    0:33 I name that movie, THE ABORTIONIST!!!

  7. fazala85 says:


    Zombie (Eurodance Remix) is the song playing

  8. CRAZYCRASH84 says:

    Song name pls?
    Song name pls?

  9. flatfaceguyman234 says:

    awsome it was …
    awsome it was really cool

  10. KJEWLE says:

    for a fat …
    for a fat sumo hung can really move

  11. fazala85 says:

    Zombie (Eurodance …
    Zombie (Eurodance Remix) is the song playing

  12. imperial971 says:

    2:10 this guy is …
    2:10 this guy is fast!

  13. 00ghostcobra says:

    @defienceink China …
    @defienceink China O’brien

  14. Zombiemower says:


    like said in the info-box: it’s a remix of the famous CRANBERRIES’ song “Zombie”

  15. thebestpker1000 says:

    what …

    what is the name of the song? :O

  16. Zombiemower says:

    (2:12 …

    (2:12-2:27) “Young Master” (1980)
    i brought all the movie-titles together in the info-box

  17. TataBrada80 says:

    man, i love this …
    man, i love this ballet! :)
    what’s the film at 2:15?

  18. iskateandpray says:

    @Zombiemower oh …
    @Zombiemower oh thanks,that would make more since,thanks :)

  19. Zombiemower says:


    these movies used here in this collage are from the old hong kong golden harvest productions;
    donny yen has actually popular nowadays;

    thanks for your post (to all of you, i am sorry that i can’t answer every single post, but if you have questions about the title, look up in the info-box)

  20. Magyar126 says:

    Bruce lee probably …
    Bruce lee probably has the best body muscle and all in all the world. that is crazy and lol did that guy punch the girls vagina? haha i wouldnt punch it but id do something else to it ;p

  21. goodbyelonglive44 says:


  22. pecositas47 says:

    0:37 lololololol xD
    0:37 lololololol xD

  23. iskateandpray says:

    no donnie yen or …
    no donnie yen or jet li?

  24. defienceink says:

    whats the movie …
    whats the movie that the guys wearing a blue bandana and a black tank top?

  25. gigglesilly17 says:

    @atmaham Awww that …
    @atmaham Awww that wold Suck!

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