2 top 10 Martial arts actorsSorry for the bad quality(its my first video) and the scott adkins part(dont know,how that came in)
my choices arent just based on the actor,but also on his movies and his style e.t.c
thats why,bruce lee is 7th,because i dont like his movies that much ,same for jackie chan
so have fun watching it,and leave a comment.

1:THC-het beest in mij
2: appa ft badr hari – stap maar in de ring
3: pittbull ft tupac -when we ride(remix)

not claiming rights blabla

Duration : 0:9:41

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25 Responses to “top 10 Martial arts actors”

  1. Bsmarcona says:

    1. Cyril Raffaelli …
    1. Cyril Raffaelli
    2. Scott Adkins
    3. Michael Jai White
    4. Bruce Lee

  2. 88Lalex says:

    Real top 4
    4.Scott …

    Real top 4
    4.Scott Adkins
    3.Donnie Yen
    2.Chuck Norris no joke there for real he was a badass
    1.Bruce Lee

  3. animextreme27 says:

    cmon jackie chan is …
    cmon jackie chan is a stunt master…not 1 stunt he hasnt done w/ martial arts, has more injuries than all of those stars PLUS HE MADE DRUNKEN FIST FAMOUS

  4. shayden1221 says:

    Karate kid should …
    Karate kid should be there ahahah

  5. 1yousifhassan1 says:

    what are these …
    what are these films called

  6. munoz270 says:

    also i want to say …
    also i want to say is that u have good actors but in the wrong order

  7. munoz270 says:

    my top 3 are
    3. …

    my top 3 are
    3. Jackie Chan
    2. Jet Li
    1. The all time great Bruce Lee

  8. trilltexas07 says:

    Who ever posted …
    Who ever posted this video needs to go back and do thier research. every one on here sats that their role model is Bruce Lee how dare you not rate the greatest of all times no 1. Bruce Lee is by far the best of all times.

  9. cuentadecuenta says:

    estas perdido … …
    estas perdido … looser

  10. TheFlashSac says:

    1.Bruce Lee
    2.Jet …

    1.Bruce Lee
    2.Jet Li
    3.Tony Jaa
    4.Scott Adkins
    5.Donnie Yen
    6.Jackie Chan
    7.Michael jai white
    8.Jean Claude van damme
    9.Jason statham
    10.Wesley snipes

    //este seria el verdadero orden
    //this would be the true order

  11. onimushapowerrr says:

    Fuck you man!!! _|_
    you man!!! _|_

  12. Karimtarek1993 says:

    1. Jet Li.
    2. Tony …

    1. Jet Li.
    2. Tony Jaa.
    3. Scott Adkins.

    Thank you. End of discussion!

  13. cocnoker says:

    wtf tony jaa first …
    wtf tony jaa first tony jaa as an actor sucks he is only good martial artist is that way the best martial artist is bruce lee of course and both martial artist and actor jackie chan and jet li

  14. Draugdurdil says:

    @Patches7034 Thanks …
    @Patches7034 Thanks ;) yelling about few fighting scenes would be pretty dumb ^^ I belive i don’t like Jet Li because of his acting, and the style he practise – I don’t really like Shao Lin you know :D Im much more into street fighting techniques, useful in real life, such as KM, BJJ, MT etc. About Bruce Lee – well u said it man :D “everyone knows” is just the thing. I heard a lot about him, and then, when i saw a movie I was deeply desappointed about both his acting, and fighting on the screen.

  15. Saby83b says:

    n1 bruce lee for …
    n1 bruce lee for jeet june do….. RESPECT

  16. TeteDeBOA says:

    ahahahahahahahahah …
    ahahahahahahahahah wesley snipes!!!

  17. GasperBeat says:

    esto esta mal BRUCE …
    esto esta mal BRUCE LEE es el 1ro SCOTT ADKINS es el 2do….

  18. Nikola9393 says:

    Scott Adkins is the …
    Scott Adkins is the most complete fighter in the world :)

  19. Patches7034 says:

    @Draugdurdil I …
    @Draugdurdil I don’t really think Tony Jaa only makes unrealistic fight scenes, I have to say some of the fights are pretty sick (“sick” as in very cool). But you might be a little harsh on the Jet Li or Bruce Lee, they’re both a real martial master. Jet Li got his Kung fu from a Shao Lin Temple. And everyone knows about Bruce :D Just to let yo know, some Bruce’s fan of Jet’s fan will come to you someday and yell “F— You” for saying that. Good to have a nice chat with you instead of yelling.

  20. Codename155025 says:

    Every1 in this …
    Every1 in this world know that Bruce Lee is the Number 1!

  21. Draugdurdil says:

    @Patches7034 Never …
    @Patches7034 Never said Jackie Chan should be out of the list :D I said that about bruce lee and jet li. Bruce Lee acting is just awful in my eyes, can;t help it :( Yeah some of the Tony Jaa’s fights aren’t realistic, thats true, but most of them are – you can’t say that about most of the fights you see on the screen.

  22. yatagirl77 says:

    @wwfnbaifs YES …
    @wwfnbaifs YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as am actor i under stand but he is number one Martial arts acting wasn’t the best was still good

  23. yatagirl77 says:

    @wwfnbaifs YES …
    @wwfnbaifs YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. TheObelix876 says:

    Rap music to fight …
    Rap music to fight scene’s is an instand fail for me XD

  25. OneNoSpecial says:

    this should be top …
    this should be top movie martial artist actors.

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